Saturday, November 29, 2008

The big black noisy oyster bled blue buggy bumpers!

What better way to start this page than a tongue twister that inspired the title!

What noise annoys a noisy oyster?
A noisy noise annoys a noisy oyster!

It's not really hard to say but I find it fun saying it over and over. I think it's funny that the more times I say it the louder I get and the more my face stretches with each "OY!" It's very similar to the mascara face women get, full round eyes and all!

My other two favorite tongue twisters are from childhood. As much as I practiced them I could never master saying them three times fast. It was the ultimate childhood goal, those kids in the school yard would have you believe.

Rubber baby buggy bumpers!

Rubber baby buggy bumpers
Rubber baygee buggy bumpers
Rubber baby bumby bunkers

The big black bug bled blue blood
The big back bug bled blue blub
The blig back bug bled blue blug

Your favorites? What do you end up saying instead?